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Hello and thank you for stopping by.  You've reached the stomping grounds of me, Singer/Songwriter, Anne E. DeChant.  

"DeChant is our wake-up call to all of the possibilities found in songs and stories when they're told with integrity, honesty and heart.  She is what the future of Americana music needs to

be in order to endure."

    -No Depression, Terry Roland

"There's virtue in honesty, and in intuition, and in openess, and in tough-minded decency.  Those things may or may not make for fine art.  In the hands, heart, and voice of Anne E. DeChant, they may, they might, and they do."
-Peter Cooper, editor, Country Music Hall of Fame

“'Fly Away' is so poignant and well written it ought to be a huge country hit for someone."

           -Cool Cleveland, Anastasia Pantsios




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Anne E., Michael Kelsh and Kelly W
right perform "Water In Whiskey" at VivaNashVegas Radko Show, Franklin TN Oct. 10, 2015

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One inmate who was introduced to his puppy began to cry.  When asked why, he explained....He hadn't touched a dog in 40 years....

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Now Available, "Here I Am", the Official Theme song of the Transplant Games of America written by Anne E.  Click below to download now!
Cd baby artwork

Download "Here I Am"



David A. Grossman Fall Fundraiser with special Guest Senator Elizabeth Warren

Harvard Law School, Boston MA

Anne E. performs her song, "Where We Are" for attendees and honored guest, Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Watermelon Wine and the Poetry of Americana Music

The Skillery, 1323 6th Ave. N.,, Nashville TN 37208

Anne E., Frye Gaillard, Peter Cooper and Fayssoux McLean present "Watermelon Wine and the Poetry of Americana Music", a multi media performance. Award winning author Frye Gaillard maintains that great songwriters explore the depths of the human heart with all the subtlety and feeling of our finest novelists and poets. Gaillard will present brief readings from his works, setting the literary context for all-acoustic renditions of the artists’ songs.

Music on the Square

 —  —

Public Square, Cleveland, Ohio

Anne E. and the band bring a little music to downtown Cleveland at the stunning newly re-opened Public Square.
Free and Open to the public.

Anne E. DeChant

Bar 107, 107 Front St., Berea Ohio 44017

Anne E. and Pete rock it out. Special guests join in. This is a great hot spot near the campus of Baldwin Wallace. Enjoy no cover, a great selection of freshly made Martinis as well as an healthy offering of craft beer and tasty food!

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Winner of "Where Am I" Contest 

Good Evening, 

Pardon the delay on this....There are two winners of the "Where Am I" Contest because I posted on FB before my mailing sent by accident.  Therefore I am awarding the first person to answer correctly on FB and the first person to answer the mailing I sent. 

The winners are Eddie Vidmar and Maryhelen Mackin Chadwick.  They both answered with Newark Ohio.  Yes, the photo is of the Longaberger Basket Company Headquaters.  But it is not in Columbus Ohio but Newark Ohio.  I visited this now…

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Peace RNC, Canadian Respite, This Weekend's Shows 

Happy Tuesday to you all! 

It's a big week as the RNC kicked off in Cleveland Ohio on Monday.  My home city has been host to so many things this summer!  I pray for peace this week as people face the challenge of acting and responding in a peaceful and respectful manner.  Won't it be wonderful if this week, we can honor one another's freedom of speech and move through all activities without one violent incident?  I believe we can! 

I know I've shared the free download below before but I think it's…

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Tonight, June 18th @ 6-8pm 
Anne E. and Pete perform duo acoustic show. 

No Cover 
Reservation strongly recommended 
Jilly Music Room, 111 N. Main St., Akron OH 

Correction to Church service time 

I have a correction to that last email. 

The service at The Avon Lake United Church of Christ this Sunday, June 19th is at 10am 

The Avon Lake United Church of Christ 
32801 Electric Blvd, Avon Lake, OH 44012

Light the Weary World, June 15, 2016 

It's hard to believe that once again, we're all discussing another awful day in our country.  My friend and co-writer Frye Gaillard shared the following on Sunday.... 

" To those who like to say, God Bless America, I prefer a different prayer for the country as we continue our drift toward violence, division and hate. May God have mercy upon us." 

I will be at The Avon Lake United Church of Christ on Sunday at 11am where the deadly violence in Orlando will surely be a topic.  I will share "Light the Weary…

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Are you ready for the summer? - Transplant Games, Opening for Melissa Etheridge 

Happy June!   

Welcome new mailing list members.  Enjoy your free download of "Swing" (see below). 

Here in Nashville I'm revving up for the summer.  Here are a few highlights: 

June 11, 2016 The Transplant Games of America 
I will debut my song, "Here I Am" (written for The TGofA) during Opening Ceremonies at Public Hall in downtown Cleveland.  Pete Cavano, my lead guitarist  will perform the National Anthem.  Download of the song available June 11th here. 

June 15, 2016 The Transplant Games of America 

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To the Dogs, Alabama Week, "Where Am I?", Losing a Legend 

Happy Happy Friday everyone and welcome new mailing list members! 
Enjoy your free download (see below) of "Like My Daddy" from my latest CD, "The Sun Coming In" 

Spring touring has been great with shows in Charlotte, Vilas, Charleston and Carrboro NC.  This week I'm in Alabama.  Frye and I were at Moonlight on the Mountain (it really is on a mountain) on Wednesday night.  What great sound in that room and Keith and Bink could not be nicer.   

Thanks too to the Pike Road Library for hosting "Watermelon…

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Learn to play "Go Get Joe" on Guitar video for YOU 

Happy Tuesday to you all! 

A nice gentleman from Toronto, singer/songwriter, Kirk Felix, asked me for chords to "Go Get Joe" (free download for you below) as he would like to perform it.  Rather than sending him a chord chart, I made an instructional video!  I decided to share it with all of you in case you'd like to learn to play the song.  I also ask that if you do, you'll send me a video of you performing it.  I would love to see it.  And please leave your comments for the video in the comment section…

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Winner of "Where Am I?", Transplant Games Theme Song, Ferry Rides to Canada and Music Box Supper Club 

Happy weekend to all!  It's 1/2 off at Goodwill today...yooo hooo! 

I've got lots of you down for prizes given in last email.  Many of you will get a free shot glass, $2 off any merchandise at a show and $2 off your tickets for The Music Box Supper Club show on March 26th.  Tons of you wrote to get your choice.  Excellent! 

The winner of the "Where Am I" contest is Patti Baddour, a faithful and wonderful fan!  Patti said the photo was from Toronto Ontario Canada and that is correct.  Many of you guessed…

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